quotes on life – inspiring quotes

quotes on life                                             quotes on life

quotes on life

👉1. You have to fight the battle of life yourself,
People give more with less knowledge.


👉2. People say that company has an effect,
But Kanto has not learned to smell till today.


✍️️3. Don’t know the right direction and the right time
So the rising sun also appears to be setting.


✍️️4. If someone is jealous of you,
It is not his bad habit, it is your ability, which compels him to do this work.


👉5. When we are successful, the world knows us,
And when we fail, we know the world.


👉6. Even the address falling from the branch in life teaches us that, if you become a burden, then you will also fall on yourself.


✍️️7. Never ask for your share and see that all relationships will be exposed, and leaving your share, see that all thorns will become roses.

quotes on life

✍️️8. No matter how much you try to make some people your own, they prove that they are non-existent.


👉9. The importance of a person is not of his good nature, someone wins the heart in a moment, some cannot win even by living together for life.


👉10. Do not leave the target in fear of condemnation, because as soon as the goal changes, the opinion of the condemned changes.


✍️️11. After one dream is shattered, it is the courage to dream another dream is called life.


✍️️12. If someone is going to stop you in life, then do them a favor, because the gardens that do not have gardeners, those gardens soon get destroyed.


👉13. Destiny is not a written document,
You have to write it yourself every day.


👉14. One should learn to maintain a relationship with a lock, it breaks but the key does not change.


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quotes on life,  motivational quotes

✍️️15. The lamp does not speak, its light gives the introduction, in the same way, you do not say anything about yourself,

keep doing good deeds, and will introduce you there.

quotes on life

✍️16. If you want to move forward then stop listening to stupid people, they will only reduce your confidence.


👉17. It is only after the anger and storm subside that it is known how much damage has been done.


👉18. Anyone can divide the wealth we have earned, but no one can divide our karma, we only get the fruits of our actions.


✍️️19. No matter how wisely you use the words, the listeners interpret them according to their ability

and the thoughts of the mind.

✍️20. If you use the money earned by fraud in the work of virtue, then only the person

you have cheated will get the virtue.


👉21. It is not necessary to walk with the times, walk with the truth, one day time will walk with you.


👉22.  Keeping truth for oneself, love for others, and kindness for all is the correct grammar of life here.


✍️23.  Don’t answer the fool, don’t reject the wise, don’t let the good go, don’t adopt the bad.

✍️24.  Words are available for free, depending on their choice of whether they will be received or paid for.


👉25.  If tough times come, think that good times are waiting for you.


👉26.  Keep your personality zero in life, so that no one can lose anything in it, but the value of whoever you stand with increases tenfold.


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