Long distance relation quotes

Long distance relation quotes

long distance relation quotes long distance relation quotes


1. There is no beauty in the body, beautiful are the actions of a person, his thoughts, his speech, his behavior,

his sacrament, and his character. The person who has all this in his life is the most beautiful person in the world.


2. When we start the day, it seems that money is life, but when we return home in the evening, it seems that peace is life.


3. Spend all your time bettering yourself, because now relationships are being made with money, not with humans.


4. Cheating is not only cheating but pretending to be with someone is a bigger deception than that.


5. Only those who have a clean mind reside in the hearts because only the thread

can enter the needle in which there is no knot.


6. Words spoken before time and fruits plucked before the season are both useless.


7. Must fight for respect but do not support unrighteousness, must fight for rights,

but do not be tempted by those who do not have rights.


8. Let’s assume for a moment that the decisions written in fate do not change,

but if you make decisions, do you know that fate will change.


9. Never be disheartened my friends, life can suddenly take a good turn from anywhere.



10. I have heard that those who are good at heart have bad luck.


11. Storms are also necessary for life, only then it is known who holds hands, and who leaves together.



12. Who says that travel is good only in big vehicles if true relationships and good friends are together

then the journey of life becomes beautiful even on foot.


love relation quotes

13. When someone tries to provoke you, then the joy of being silent is something else.


14. Always be happy thinking that there are more people in the world than us.


15. Do not be afraid of losing people, but make yourself such that people are afraid of losing you.


16. I am at ease because, I have been cheated, I have not given.


17. If you get everything in life, then who will you wish for, some unfulfilled wishes would have given the pleasure of living life.


18. A great person is known only by his words and deeds, otherwise, good things are written on the walls too.


19. Suffering and suffering come not to trouble a person but to assess his ability and self-confidence.


20. You are my dream, right in my eyes, you are f


21. Some things have to be left not because of arrogance but for self-respect.



22. We also wanted a person who is not in our power to forget, and we are not in luck to get it.


23. One should never cry for any relation in life because the one who has to cry for it is not worthy of tears,

and the one who deserves it will never let him cry.


24. Learn from the sea the way to live, flow quietly and live gracefully.


25. If you want to meet, then meet those who appreciate you,
Those who use it will find you themselves.


26 No human in the world is full of all virtues, so keep relationships by ignoring some shortcomings.

long distance relation quotes


long distance relation quotes

quotes of relationship

27. Everything can be found again in life, but the lost relationship and trust are not regained with time.


28. Don’t be under the illusion that all relationships are special, more than half the relationships are sleeves snakes.


29. Heart was broken in childhood, now trust is broken.


30. Some things are such that the person who speaks forgets, but the heart of

the person listening keeps on piercing like an arrow.


31.  Touching the body does not lead to love, love is the emotion which is called faith.



 32.  We were good, are good, and will remain good, so do those who say something else, look something else, do something else and happen something else.


33.  If a person who talks a lot starts keeping quiet, then understand that the hurt is very deep.


34.  There is no hatred, I am not even angry with you, and I am no longer a part of your life.


35.  If she is happy by not talking to me, then how can I complain, and if I can’t even see her happy, then how is love.


36.  Don’t know what soil you are made of, if someone wants us so much, then we belong to him.


37.  When a sensible person stops having a relationship
So, understand that his self-esteem has been hurt somewhere.


38.  Having a thousand relationships is not a miracle, the miracle is that you have a relationship that will stand by you even when thousands are against you.


39.  One has to leave even without wanting because some compulsions are deeper than love.


40.  The destination was also his, the way was also his, I was the only one, the convoy also belonged to him.The thought of walking together was also his, then the decision to change the path was also his.
Why am I alone today, the heart asks, people were his only, did God also belong to him.


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