Deep Quotes, Motto Quotes

Deep Quotes, Motto Quotes

Deep Quotes, Motto Quotes

Deep Quotes

  • There are only two ways to live life, one is to let what is happening to happen, tolerate it, or take the responsibility to change it.


  • You never win because you always try to beat the other,  and they never lose because they always try to win


  • No matter how hard you try, something is missing in life, so wherever you are, keep having fun.


  • There are two types of people in the world one winner and one loser but life definitely gives one chance to the loser in which he can win.


  • No matter how big the boat is, it can sink through a hole, do not change the way of working.


  • Time is changing fast, if the business is to be done peacefully then it has to be done with the mind.

Massive quotes

  • If you plow with a lion, the farmer will die


  • I want to get from life, speed madness. I want to run I want to fall, I just don’t want to stop.


  • A beautiful girl told me that it is not necessarily how many days we live, it is important how much we live in those days


  • The coin belongs to both, the head and the tail, but the time comes only for the one who turns upside down.


  • We will say that do not sit on the trust of God, do you know that God is sitting on our trust.


  • The identity of a real wrestler is not in the arena, but in life, so that when life hits you, you stand up again and make such a bet that life will settle down.


  • The result of every war is not with swords, it should be in the mind of the one who wields more edge than the sword.


  • Always be happy thinking that there are more people in the world than us.


  • Even if there are thousands of shortcomings in you, believe in yourself thinking that you have the ability to do the best



  • If you worry too much, it ruins life, but if you do it in limited quantity, it makes life.



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