Love quotes, soulmate quotes

Love quotes, soulmate quotes

love quotes:-

1. I write to me because you read, otherwise I live by feeling you.


2. Dard-e-Ishq made us cry, the one we used to die on made us forget. We would have lived with the help of his memories, but that fucking added poison to our memories too.


3.  Appreciate those who love you with all their heart,
Otherwise, everyone dies on the face here.

Love quotes, soulmate quotes


4.  How do I feel with my chest, you belong to someone else, if you were mine, then who would be called love.


5.  The forehead is chosen by those who want the soul, not the body.


6.  There are only stories complete, love always remains incomplete.


7.  Thought that there would be lost in love, but it was not known that everything would be mine.


8.  The veil is enough of shame, otherwise, the gestures are also in the veil.


9.  Your smile improves my health, do you love or treat me.


10.  It is necessary to have desire in the heart, sir, remember, even those who give loans do it.


11.  Situation is saying the meeting is not possible, hope is saying wait for a little.


12.  Do not forcibly show love in front of someone who does not understand your value, because by doing so your feelings will be crushed along with your love.


13.  It is not necessary to be together to express love, some stories are complete even by staying away.


14.  Somebody is very sad because of your departure, if possible come back with some excuse, you are a million angry, but once you see, someone is broken because of your anger.


15.  Love should be something in the heart that, even if it is achieved by others, should be ours throughout life.


True loves quotes

16. When you meet, you must hug Just a little bit of right.


17.  Touching the body does not cause love, love is the emotion that is called faith.


18.  In love it is not necessary to just hold the hand, it is necessary to keep that hand in tha.


19.  I don’t know whether you are in my luck or not, but you like to ask God.


20.  Some love happens to the right person, at the wrong time, at the wrong age.


21. Those who are in true love are not able to make so much space in the heart, as much space as the mean and sycophantic people make.


22.  I don’t know if you are in my luck or not, but you like to ask God.


 23.  Those who are loved by the soul are not found by searching, God Himself gives to find the person who gives peace to the heart.

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